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Agency Training 

Training available for military bases and first responder agencies by Lindsey Torres. Training tailored to leadership and/or front-line and administrative personnel. Please contact us for further details on training packages.

Mental Health Wellness and Resilience: This training covers psychoeducation on holistic health and wellness with focus specifically on stress and stress management. Discussion includes topics on physical and psychological effects of persistent stress, how to reduce symptoms and engage in preventative interventions. 

Trauma and Stress Injury Education: Training addresses topics on trauma exposure, signs and symptoms as it relates to the specific career; along with mental health measures, treatment and prevention of further injury. Mental health resources specific to geographical area are provided at the end of training. 

Suicide Awareness and Prevention: Discussion on suicide awareness, statistics and interventions. Education on Levels of care for the uniform, leadership response, and long-term mental health management. 

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