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Lindsey Torres, LMHC

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I am a licensed mental health counselor and licensed professional counselor in Washington and Colorado. I come from a strong military family and have been in the active duty military spouse role for the past 17 years. My personal experiences coupled with my personal and professional preoccupation with trauma, afforded me the skillset to pursue my passion of helping people in uniform find health and balance. I have worked with and connected with people from all specialties within our defense system.


My specialties include trauma and PTSD treatment, specifically, military war trauma, to include service members involved in missions within the Global War on Terrorism: Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Afghanistan Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom. I utilize EMDR, prolonged exposure and cognitive processing therapy, among other methods, to help people heal from their experiences and regain their strength and resilience. I work extensively with trauma processing for law enforcement, offering post critical incident counseling, PTS treatment, and acute stress response management.


I work best with clients that are ready and willing to work on their challenges and face their issues head-on. I am an assertive and discerning therapist that values the connection with my client. one of my paramount priorities is building a trusting and safe relationship with positive rapport. My secondary goal is to work myself out of a job - meaning that you feel that you have overturned every relevant issue and you no longer feel that my presence is needed. Moving on from therapy because you are feeling resilient and strong is my ultimate goal for our work together. Because I take my work and the wellbeing of my clients seriously, I ask that my clients commit to the therapeutic process - cooperation and engagement is vital to our work together.


I do not specialize in all issues involving mental health. If I identify that I am not the right fit for what you are dealing with, then i will do my best to help you find someone that is.


Please allow several business days for me to return your correspondence.

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