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Licensed Mental Health Counselor

My experience with and care for first responders goes back to birth - my mothers brother John was a career police officer in Wappingers Falls New York.  Some of my earliest memories are of seeing my beloved Uncle in uniform and being so proud.  Pictures of my Uncles in uniform were prominent in my youth - as they both served in WWII and beyond.

My oldest brother Bill (12 years my senior) is a lifelong volunteer firefighter (now he only drives the truck) and some of my earliest memories are of holding the screen door open for him when the tones dropped and the siren went off to save him a few seconds on his response time.

When I considered writing this piece - I made a list of the first responders that have impacted me personally throughout my life and the list has over twenty people on it.

I think being raised in New Jersey taught me to be blunt and direct and my advanced training in trauma, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and recovery) and clinical hypnosis loaded my therapist toolbox with skills and tools to support those who serve or have served.

More recently, my brother in law was appointed chief of Grand Rapids and we could not be prouder of his service.

As an experienced licensed mental health therapist, I’ve had the privilege to work with many high-achieving and accomplished professionals to help them realize their goals to live a joyful and fulfilled life. I provide a safe therapeutic space for you to explore the issues you’re dealing with so you can gain insight and move toward a healthier and more happy life.

Whether as a therapist or as a mentor, I use a collaborative approach to help you find the solutions that work best for you in your life and practice. This process allows you to move as slow or as fast as you decide. Full of highs and lows, twists and nail biting turns, both slow and fast- therapy is much like a roller coaster. Equally so, it’s full of many similar emotions. Embrace your bravery and courage and enjoy all the emotions and experiences you will have during your journey.

My hope is that you grow, blossom, and move from being stuck and struggling to thriving and enjoying life as you were meant to. I cherish the opportunity to help you with some of the most challenging things in your life. It’s an honor and a privilege to help someone move through their darkest moments.

Jeanie Winstrom, LCPC, LPC, LMHC

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