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Appointments for Active Duty Service Members


For active duty, AGR, or 6-month post-deployment service members, an authorization is required to make an appointment with civilian mental health.

Tricare requires that all active service members send in a referral/authorization from their primary care manager or base mental health, and it be reviewed and approved by Tricare. Once the authorization is approved, it is sent to the mental health provider along with the number of sessions that have been requested and approved.

Sessions cannot take place unless the authorization has been approved and sent in to the therapy clinic.

Another authorization is required to increase the number of sessions.

If the authorization is denied, it is the service members responsibility to follow up with Tricare and/or their PCM about this matter.

Legionary Mental Health is not able to assist in this process. please review the process steps below to help you navigate your care. 


Authorization Steps


- Once approved for an appointment by Legionary Mental Health, you will receive an email with correspondence information to give to your primary care physician.

- Send that information to your pcm or base mental health requesting an authorization for outpatient mental health counseling via phone, in person or email. 

- the pcm or base will send a referral to legionary via fax, along with an authorization request to Tricare for outpatient sessions. 

- Tricare will review the authorization and either approve or deny. If approved, Tricare will send a fax to Legionary showing authorization. 

(sometimes faxes do not get to Legionary and you must check with tricare yourself to gain this information.  you will be contacted by the therapist letting you know that it has not been received prior to session.)

- once the authorization has been approved, you can book authorized sessions with legionary that are covered under your benefit. 

- additional authorizations may be needed for extended treatment. 

if you have any additional questions regarding this process, please call Tricare West Region at 


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