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Culturally Competent military and First Responder Counseling

Legionary Mental Health was established in Vancouver, WA by a military couple with a strong passion for the health and wellness of uniformed services. Legionary's mission is to provide culturally competent mental health treatment across Washington state for anyone that serves in uniform. We continue to cultivate a practice with clinicians and staff that have personal/professional experience with first responders and a strong passion to work with these populations. We strive to create a safe space for people that protect our communities, country and citizens. 

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We provide comprehensive counseling services, focused on targeting cumulative stress, stress injury and trauma, from a team of clinicians with decades of experience providing trauma-informed care. We offer in person counseling in Vancouver, WA and telehealth counseling throughout Washington state. 

We are an FOP approved provider and offer post-critical incident counseling and agency training.

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We believe in holistic wellness that not only targets psychological selfcare, but physical and emotional health and balance. 

Providing clients with helpful coping skills coupled with a comprehensive self care plans ensures greater management of occupational stress.

WE focus on support systems, education and therapeutic processing of experiences to help people regain mental and emotional equilibrium. 

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to reach out for help. There is significant progress with integrating mental health with first responder life but we have more work to do. We hope to see an end to the negative stigma. We value your privacy and autonomy and are ready to assist when you are. 





10000 NE 7th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98685

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